May 3, 2013

Ever Changing Servant of Nouns

Wee Eliot

Jesse and Miley the guard. 2010

Big brother Jesse and wee Eliot 2013

My sons 1985

My eldest son and wee Jesse

My eldest daughter in law and my grandsons wee Eliot and Jesse 2013

My eldest sons wife 
A daughter of The House of Chalfant
Has blessed my tiny realm with a second gentle son.
My blood-ties once more strengthened to France, 
Spain, Mexico and The Republic of Texas.

My youngest son Eli and his Filipino-Chinese grandfather Federico Rennong 1985

My youngest son Eli and his wife Mayra 2012 

I have received news that my youngest son and his wife
will strengthen and bless my blood ties to The Philippines, China, Arizona, California,
Mexico and The Republic of Texas in the fall with their first child.

The joy brought to my heart is beyond measure.


Just as my womb has started to die.
I am blessed with two young 
and giving wombs to ease the pains of aging.

From Mother to Grandmother.
From Aunt to Great Aunt.

Life is magic.

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