November 15, 2012

Oklahoma City 1982

Before I heard the band The Flaming Lips 
There was another band called Hostages 
out of Spencer Oklahoma.
I wore out the only cassette tape
I bought of their music.
So glad to have found them on you tube
I'd drive a day and a half to see them boys punk it up!
This little known anti Reagan 
'Two Hundred Dollar Panties'  punk song 
still blisters my brain with it's down and dirty 
hick punk sound.

November 13, 2012

The Laundry Room

I am a breathing time machine.
I believe the words this man sings with his brother.
The Avett Brothers make me happy when they sing.
Raw, honest, emotional vocals fill me with the power of being alive.
This is one of my favorite songs.